July 27, 2018

114: Gene Thin Elk: Creating a Second Home

Gene Thin Elk, former director of Native Student Services (NSS) and longtime employee of the University of South Dakota, discusses the past, present and future of the university on this week’s Credit Hour podcast.

Thin Elk spent over three decades at the university in a variety of roles such as a volunteer sweat lodge provider, adjunct professor and Native cultural advisor for students, faculty and staff. He served as NSS director – his final position at USD – for 15 years.

“As I turn around and look back from the higher hill, I see the tremendous amount of progress that has been made here at the university, all the way from race relations to opportunities to resources. I think equity is coming into balance, and recognition of our uniqueness without compromise has come to the university, so I think these things are very vital,” said Thin Elk.

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