October 03, 2019

BOB NIELSON | Catching Up with Coach

VERMILLION, S.D. - This week marks the 105th Dakota Days and USD students and the Vermillion community are celebrating as they always do.

One man has a different job this week. Coach Bob Nielson of the USD football team not only prepares for his team to pull a win on Saturday but also wants to offer the community a unique homecoming experience,

On this week's episode of Credit Hour, Host Michael Ewald has a conversation with Nielson, about Dakota Days, preparing for the big game and talking more about Nielson’s 36-year long career.

“What makes Dakota Days unique is for many people, they get to come back and there’s a different level of pride that shows up whether you have more people come back or they draw their experience from being at homecoming,” Nielson said. “We want it to be a win on Saturday.”

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