November 07, 2019

DUSTY JOHNSON | Excellence in Civil Service

VERMILLION, S.D. - Former policy staff member for Mike Rounds, former member of the Public Utilities Commission, former chief of staff for Governor Daugaard and now U.S. Congressman for South Dakota.

Dusty Johnson, U.S. Congressman and USD alumnus, has been serving the state of South Dakota for more than 12 years and has an interesting story to tell.

On this week's episode of Credit Hour, Host Michael Ewald has a conversation with Congressman Johnson about life on Capitol Hill, his personal journey through the political landscape and his advice for students looking to get involved in politics.

“If you want to do something then I think politics is a great place to be—if you’re motivated by mission, if you’re trying to live a purpose driven life then I think instead of being worn down by politics, it's going to build reputation because that mission is more important than you, it is more important than your political ambition,” Johnson said. “Make sure you’re getting into public service for the right reasons, it will serve you much better long term.”

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