October 10, 2019

HEIDI HEITKAMP | Savanna's Act Awareness

VERMILLION, S.D.- Empathy without action is meaningless.

Those are words spoken by former North Dakota U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp at the University of South Dakota School of Law regarding Savanna's Act.

On this week's episode of Credit Hour, Host Michael Ewald has a conversation with Senator Heitkamp about this piece of legislation involving murdered and missing indigenous women.

They discuss Savanna's Act and why law enforcement offices must be held accountable for cold cases and the lack of attention for murdered and missing indigenous women

“Over many years, what became increasingly apparent is that where the rest of the world would pay a lot of attention to a missing white person, it did not get the same reaction for Native American people,” Sen. Heitkamp said. “There was and continues to be a backlog of cold cases involving missing and murdered indigenous people in which their families were never given the opportunity to tell their story.”

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