December 12, 2019

SAM HERLEY | Protecting South Dakota's History

VERMILLION, S.D. - 6000 recordings, six unique collections. The South Dakota Oral History Center’s mission to preserve and grow audio recordings that are important to the history of South Dakota.

On this week's episode of Credit Hour, Host Michael Ewald has a conversation with Sam Herley, Ph.D, curator of the South Dakota History Center, about its mission of preserving unique stories of South Dakota’s history for future generations.

“The diversity of the state is pretty remarkable, and that’s reflected in the history. I think that’s maybe something that most people today don't think about,” Herley said. “There’s an incredible number of cultures and perspectives when it comes to South Dakota and the history whether, its Native American, European, African American or blending a combination of others. Within that diversity is our universality as a state.”

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